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We have moved our program from China to Thailand.
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Get ready for a great experience or even for a new life teaching English in Thailand with our internships.

  • No experience? Not a problem.
  • No teaching qualification? Still not a problem.
  • Worried about how to get started Teaching English Abroad?
  • Not sure how to tie down a great teaching job in another country?
  • Eager to see the world and learn what it has to offer? Get ready!

What’s Required to Qualify for the Internship Program  and the  Job Placement Program?

Submission of the required documents (your resume or CV, scanned copy of your passport, a passport type photo, and in some cases a copy of your college degree if you have one) to facilitate your internship placement

Interns for universities and international schools must have a degree, but a degree is not always required for jobs in public schools in Thailand

A passport from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa. Fluent speakers of English from some European countries are also accepted for the program.

How our Program Works

This is NOT a tour and holiday type internship. This is a working internship where you will be in the classroom teaching. Our goal is to help you experience and explore TEFL as a career and to get you on the road to success as quickly as possible.

Join our program and earn an 120 hour teaching qualification before you leave for Thailand. While in county you will complete another 20+ hours and be awarded a 140 hour TEFL Certification that will include over 120 hours of practical teaching experience. All that in only a few months! You will soon be ready to tackle even the best of jobs teaching English.

In only a few months you will gain a respected TEFL qualification, over 200+ hours of real teaching experience and be ready and be able to work just about anywhere. You will also have a solid job offer at your internship school built into your internship agreement.

Depending on when people apply, not everyone is able to complete the first half of training before they leave for their internships. It is best if you do, but if time is short, you can complete it once in county.

Once Accepted into the Program and Before Leaving for your Adventure

You will study How to Teach English and earn a TEFL certification from TEFL Educator / TEFL Boot Camp that includes all the basic teaching skills plus a Teaching English to Young Learners (TEFL) certification.

You will receive expert tutoring and guidance from an experienced teacher-trainer with 20+ years experience overseas.

On Arrival in country- and – While in country

You’ll be met at the airport and escorted to your prearranged accommodation.

You’ll start your internship and obtain over  120+ hours of practical teaching experience

You’ll study an additional sixty hours of TEFL training and be awarded a 140 TEFL Certification with additional certifications for three ESP specialties, helping you qualify for the better jobs around the world. Your 100-200+ hours of teaching will be endorsed on your TEFL Certificate.

You’ll be paid a monthly stipend of Thai baht 15,000.

You’ll be eligible for a bonus at the end of your internship to help partially reimburse your airfare.

After your Internship

If you wish to stay in country, you will receive free placement assistance for a full-time job teaching English.

Interns will often have the option of being hired by the very school where they served their internship. The school will either extend your visa or help you obtain a new visa.

You can leave the country with an excellent TEFL Qualification, lots of experience and a new view of the world, how it works and how you fit in it.

What does it cost?

The complete package for the program:

  • 120 hour TEFL certification
  • visa assistance
  • internship placement
  • stipend of 15,000 Thai baht (about US$450) per month
  • airport pickup
  • 15,000 Thai baht bonus at the end of your internship (about US$450).

We hold your hand a bit less than other programs and spend much less on marketing and tours.

Bottom Line: Lower Costs = Lower Program Fee

Tuition and Program Fee: US$690!


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Already have a TEFL certificate?

Individuals who already have a TEFL certificate can participate in the job placement portion of the program. These individuals can apply for a regular teaching position (without a teacher training and internship component). The cost for placement directly into the internship is about US$490.  Use our contact form to ask about that part of the program.  CLICK HERE for our spam-free contact form

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