TEFL Internships in China

For TEFL Internships in China

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TEFL Internships in China

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Teaching TEFL Internships Available in China

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Our TEFL Internships partner programs are now in China.

TEFL Internships in China

Get ready for a great TEFL internships experience or even for a new life teaching English in China.

  • No experience? Not a problem.
  • No teaching qualification? Still not a problem.
  • Worried about how to get started Teaching English Abroad?
  • Not sure how to tie down a great teaching job in another country?
  • Eager to see the world and learn what it has to offer? Get ready!

What’s Required to Qualify for the Internship Program  and the  Job Placement Program?

Submission of the required documents (your resume or CV, scanned copy of your passport, a passport type photo, and in some cases a copy of your college degree if you have one) to facilitate your internship placement

Interns for universities and international schools must have a degree, but a degree is not always required for jobs in China.

A passport from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland.

How our Program Works

This is NOT a tour and holiday type internship. This is a working internship where you will be in the classroom teaching. Our goal is to help you experience and explore TEFL as a career and to get you on the road to success as quickly as possible.

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TEFL Internships in China

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The internship program in China is free of charge. A degree is not required.
Please note that you are required to be a native speaker of English.